Gifts, gifts, gifts. Who does not like to get… and it is even better to give them. If you want to thank customers, contractors, distinguish someone or to show liking, create your own individual gift and delight the recipient.


We have our own machines for printing and decorating clothes. Depending on the load of material and using different techniques we print on T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other fabrics. We have a full range of clothing sizes and we also print on materials entrusted by the Client. We carry out orders from 1 piece.


Sublimation printed lanyards are a great solution that allows you to stand out from the crowd because you are getting a high quality product at a very affordable price. Sublimation technique allows you to print virtually any graphic motif FULL COLOUR. Thanks to this they are the best-selling model of the advertising lanyard. Lanyards are made of polyester of a width of 10, 15, 20 or 25 mm, on which you can be applied any printing in the CMYK palette. Printing is undetectable under the finger and allows a very good and accurate reflection of the small details of tonal gradations, with photos included. It is a technique recommended for printing projects containing a large number of colours. A standard lanyard is a metal snap hook for keys, you can, however, attach practically any kind of accessories to it.


Mugs, thanks to its usefulness and widespread use, are an ideal medium for advertising. As a company gift or gadget it works on any occasion. Mugs with your photo, a dedication or a sentence can hit the desk of all the employees in the company, they can be a memorial after a successful meeting or impress with their originality. We produce small series and single copies, also on the material entrusted by the client.


One of the promotional gifts given to customers is a pen. This relatively inexpensive gadget usually helps improve the opinion of the company, but in practice a long time of using it means promoting the company’s services or products. We offer clients both plastic and metal pens. Depending on the material from which the pen is made we usually use etching techniques, or pad printing. The minimum number starts with 50 pieces.